What To Expect: A Reading List book covers

Disinformation undermines truth and poses a threat to our democracy. Hateful conspiracy theories that attempt to silence people’s voices, misleading information about voting intended to lower civic participation, and false notions about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have swept social media networks, and experts have warned against the dangers of foreign interference and influence in the fast-approaching election.

Amid the alarming spread of information aimed at sowing confusion and mistrust among voters, PEN America launched #WhatToExpect2020 earlier this fall in an effort to combat the insidious forces of disinformation and raise awareness about how all of us can play a role in stopping it. As part of this campaign, we have gathered a list of nonfiction books that provide historical context around this moment and can help you navigate disinformation and voter suppression, learn more about political media coverage and digital content, and be informed consumers and sharers of information, especially in this critical moment.