Xu Zhiyong Advocacy Page

Xu Zhiyong | Status: Detained | China

Xu Zhiyong is a Chinese writer, legal scholar, and civil rights activist who has been an integral member of China’s most important civil rights movements over the last 20… More

Ilham Tohti

Ilham Tohti, Imprisoned in China

Ilham Tohti is a writer and professor from Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Tohti’s defense of human rights has made him a target of the Chinese state. More

Liu Yanli

Blogger Liu, who has written about politics and democracy on WeChat since 2009, was detained in 2018 after a six-month period of residential surveillance. She was sentenced to four… More

Liu Feiyue

Liu, an activist who runs a website circulating information on human rights abuses, was sentenced to five years in prison and severe fines in January 2019 after his initial… More

Writers at Risk Database

Yang Tongyang Yang Tianshui

Persecuted for his role in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, Yang spent over two decades in prison for counter-revolutionary activity, from 1990-2000 and 2005-2017. He died of brain cancer… More

Xie Fengxia Xie Wenfei

Xie spent 4.5 years in prison for subverting power after publicly supporting the Umbrella Movement. Released in March 2019, he has since been harassed and was again detained in… More