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Some of the greatest works of literature have emerged from times of crisis, and with most of the world in lockdown, we have more time to write than ever before. But where can we find inspiration?

Look no further than PEN to Paper, a video series of original writing exercises from authors of the PEN America World Voices Festival. Writers we love share short prompts to stir the imagination in these home videos. Our online audiences gain intimate insights into their favorite writers and their unique approaches to craft while putting their own pens to paper.

Janet FitchThis week, Janet Fitch, the best-selling author of White Oleander, reminds us why it is so important to create a world that readers can enter. As she explores landscapes on three levels, Fitch explains how to construct authentic prose that evokes and utilizes all of the reader’s senses.

Check out her video now, and order her newest book, Chimes of a Lost Cathedral, on Bookshop or on Amazon.

About Janet Fitch

Janet Fitch is the best-selling author of White Oleander (an Oprah Book Club selection) and Paint It Black, both made into feature films, and most recently, The Revolution of Marina M. and its sequel, Chimes of a Lost Cathedral, an epic story of the Russian Revolution. Her short stories and essays have appeared in a variety of publications, including The Los Angeles Review of Books, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Noir, and the upcoming Palm Springs Noir. She gives regular writing talks—Writing Wednesday—on her Facebook author page and YouTube channel. She lives in Los Angeles.