Now more than ever, the right to make your voice heard matters. But that right is under threat. That’s why PEN America is mobilizing this year to elevate free expression issues in the election and defend your right to speak out. As writers and readers, we know that our words and voices have power—and help keep the powerful accountable.

With Free Speech 2020, PEN America will catalyze action across the country to defend press freedom, fight online harassment, combat disinformation, and uphold protest rights—to champion your right to speak and the freedom to write.

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The Latest From PEN America

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Defend Press Freedom

A free press is key to a functioning democracy. But journalists in the U.S. are under attack, meaning your right to know is under threat. PEN America provides resources to reporters, defend the press from government attacks, and rally our members to seek solutions.


Combat Disinformation

Deliberately fraudulent information poisons our public discourse, misleading the electorate and distorting our democracy. We believe tech platforms, political campaigns, and the public all have a role to play in combatting disinformation.

Defend Our First Amendment Rights at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions

Sign the petition to the U.S. Secret Service to refrain from infringing on the First Amendment rights of protesters at the DNC and RNC this summer. It is critical that the First Amendment rights of protesters at both conventions are protected.

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Fight Online Harassment

Online hate and abuse have cast a chill across the right to speak out. Writers and journalists face unprecedented attacks designed to intimidate them into self-censorship and silence. We equip writers, journalists, newsrooms, and publishers with strategies to defend themselves, and offer online resources to fight back against online harassment.

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Uphold Protest Rights

Demonstrations and protests are core elements of free expression and of democracy—but a growing body of legislation threatens this core constitutional right. We’re tracking state legislation and enlisting our national network of Members to stand up for the right to speak out.

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Free Speech Resources

Online Harassment

Online Harassment

Online hate and harassment pose a growing threat to free expression. PEN America’s Online Harassment Field Manual and trainings equip writers, journalists, and all those active online with tools to defend against online harassment.
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Campus Free Speech Guide

Campus Free Speech Guide

The Campus Free Speech Guide provides guidance to students, faculty, and administrators with the aim of keeping campuses open to ideas and perspectives.
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Becoming a PEN America Member today means becoming a supporter of Free Speech 2020. Sign up now as a reader or writer Member and join thousands across the country in defending our freedom of expression.

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