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South Side Weekly Workshop Series: New Approaches to Music Journalism

New Approaches to Music Journalism event image

PEN America is thrilled to continue our partnership with the South Side Weekly with a series of hands-on journalism skills workshops this summer and fall.

Learn some of the basics of being a music journalist—like dealing with PR people, artists, and angry stans—and how to approach different types of music writing. In addition to discussing traditional forms like profiles and reviews, we’ll talk about new, creative ways of writing about music and equip you to think broadly about structuring your music writing in unconventional ways.

Workshops are taught by Weekly editors or by guest professional journalists and are always free and open to the public.

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Britt Julious photoBritt Julious is a writer, editor, essayist, and storyteller for publications like The New York Times, Vogue, Bon Appetit, Esquire, ELLE, Women’s Health, and others. She currently pens a weekly column for The Chicago Tribune, serves as the editorial director of Cancer Wellness magazine, and previously edited for Vice’s THUMP.

Additional information this workshop series can be found here.