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Cocktails and Conversation: Elizabeth Acevedo, Nicole Dennis-Benn, and Malka Older

PEN America is partnering with the Brooklyn Museum to present an evening of cocktails and conversation centering Caribbean women writers.

This evening, the second in our two-part series presents a conversation between Dominican poet and novelist Elizabeth Acevedo, Brooklyn-based Jamaican novelist Nicole Dennis-Benn, author of Here Comes the Sun, named a New York Times “Best Book of the Year;” and Malka Older, Cuban-American author of Infomocracy and Null States. 


  • 6 pm Cocktail hour
  • 7 pm Conversation with Elizabeth Acevedo, Nicole Dennis-Benn, and Malka Older
  • 8:15 pm Live jazz by Jazz Foundation of America

Tickets are $16 and include Museum admission. VIP tickets are $50 and include Museum admission and an open bar. 

Part of A Year of Yes: Reimagining Feminism at Brooklyn Museum.

Photo of Nicole Dennis-Benn credit Ozier Muhammad, photo of Malka Older credit Allana Taranto Ars Magna Studio. 


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