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PEN America launches Dreaming Out Loud: Voices of Undocumented Students, an anthology of essays, short stories, and poems that allow undocumented young people to speak for themselves about the complexities of their lives and identities. At a North Carolina campaign rally, President Trump continues his attack on four members of Congress and leads the crowd in chants of ‘send her back’ directed at Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. ‘FaceApp,’ a popular new social media trend that ages photographs, could put privacy at risk. McClatchy and Google partner to create the Compass Experiment, an initiative to bolster local news, with Youngstown, Ohio, as their first city of interest. -Anoosh Gasparian, External Relations Manager

The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


Trump’s Supporters Chanted ‘Send Her Back!’ as the President Attacked Rep. Ilhan Omar
The chant echoed racist tweets from the president attacking four progressive Democratic congresswomen, in which he called on the four to “go back” and “help fix the totally broken and crime infested” countries “from which they came.”

FaceApp Lets You ‘Age’ a Photo by Decades. Does It Also Violate Your Privacy?
Researchers who investigated all said they had found no evidence on Apple or Android phones that FaceApp was secretly uploading entire photo galleries. But each voiced concern that the app, like many others, failed to alert users that their data was being uploaded to remote servers.

Local News Projects Rush to Fill the Vindicator’s Void, with the McClatchy-Google Network Putting down Roots
The new network is aimed at small- to mid-sized cities with strong community connections and a loss of local news. They plan to hire four locally-based journalists and one business staffer.

For Latin American Immigrants in Roswell, BiblioCactus Bookstore Is a Connection to Home
Carlos Carrasquero dreamed of owning his own bookstore, and in May, he opened BiblioCactus Librería in a strip mall on Grimes Bridge Road in Roswell. The bookshelves lining the walls carry more than 8,000 Venezuelan and Latin American books, ranging from hard-to-find local authors to translated American bestsellers.


Jailed Uighur Scholar’s Daughter Pleads for His Freedom *PEN Case List: Learn More
Ilham Tohti has been serving a life sentence on separatism-related charges since 2014. Chinese authorities accused him of encouraging terrorism and advocating separatism in his lectures, articles, and comments to foreign media.

YouTube Shuts down Accounts of Irish Far-Right Activist Due to Hate Speech
In recent months, Gemma O’Doherty has claimed on her YouTube channel that, amongst other things, “floods” of people are coming to Ireland from abroad. She has also called Irish women who have children with non-Irish men “sluts” and “whores.” And her most recent video included “criticism of ethnic minorities.”

Duterte, ‘Infamous for His Sexist Jokes,’ Signs Law Against Sexual Harassment
The law bans sexual harassment in all public spaces, including work places, recreational areas, and public transport vehicles, and it penalizes groping, stalking, and making misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, or sexist slurs. Offenses are punishable by up to 500,000 pesos, or about $9,750.

Putin Critic Alexander Sokurov Shuts Russian Film Foundation
Renowned Russian film director Alexander Sokurov, a prominent critic of Vladimir Putin, announced that he is shutting down his independent film foundation, Primer Inotnatsii (Example of Intonation), amid pressure from Russia’s culture ministry.

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