For this week’s Illustrated PEN Guest Editor Robert Kirby presents “Blind Faith,” an original piece by artist November Garcia.

Kirby writes: November Garcia’s “Blind Faith,” drawn especially for Illustrated PEN, is a light-hearted but revealing look at growing up Catholic in the Philippines in the 1980s. Garcia examines the often confusing religious messages she received, noting that her deeply devout country is a place where “white lies and blind faith diverge.” None of us can completely escape our upbringing, however, and Garcia notes with wry amusement certain behaviors she still inevitably defaults to in times of stress. Readers still grappling with or reconciling religious upbringings will likely identify with this delightfully funny and perceptive story.

November Garcia makes comics about life and is best known for Foggy Notions (Hic and Hoc), as well as her ongoing series, Malarkey (Self-Published). She recently re-relocated back to the Philippines from San Francisco, CA, with her husband, cat, and dog. She has only one working eye, so don’t wave at her from her left side if you’re hoping for a response.


Contact info: [email protected]

Twitter: @novembergarcia