Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists. Additionally, a mix of other restrictions in the country serve to limit free expression in both the traditional and social media spheres. Since 2000, dozens of journalists have been murdered and at least another 15 have disappeared. Few of these crimes have been properly investigated and fewer still have been adequately prosecuted. PEN America published an open letter, signed by over 700 writers and cultural figures, calling on President Nieto to investigate these murders and establish mechanisms to protect journalists’ lives. The letter inspired an Avaaz campaign that has amassed over 750,000 signatures. Despite mounting domestic and international pressure—which helped secure a law federalizing crimes against media workers—the killings have continued. PEN America is committed to ending this “censorship by bullet” and restoring the right of all Mexicans to a free and open exchange of information and ideas. PEN continues to take action to end the impunity for crimes against journalists in Mexico and ensure access to a diversity of news and opinion.